Dog Loves Drawing

If you are a fan of Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates you’ll love her 2012 picture book Dog Loves Drawing. It was published by Alfred A. Knopf.

51mqxzynthl-_sx260_Dog not only loves books he is as curious as a house-full of cats.

One day a package arrives addressed to Dog. Inside he finds a lovely book. But the book has no words or pictures. Inside the cover is an invitation from his Aunt Dora to “draw some adventures.”

With the same sketchy, pencil illustrations as Dog Loves Books Yates chats her readers and guides them through dog’s adventures with child-like squiggles, doodles, lines and stick people. It’s delightful!

As a first grade teacher I would have built an entire day’s plans around Dog Loves Drawing making sure to include free time with lots of pencils, crayons, chalk and those gigantic sheets of Manila paper.

My class and I would probably have had way too much fun for being at school that day!

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