Like a good little author-wannabe I’m trying to create a weekly e-Newsletter. That’s not a big problem for me. I’ve written newsletters before. However –

womanparklaptopIn order to distribute this newsletter efficiently and within the confines of the SPAM laws I must use marketing/e-mail distributing software. I don’t think the powers that be will throw me into SPAM prison, but they can certainly destroy my bank account if I do not comply.

So, I’m learning Mail Chimp. I’m told it’s the simplest software of this type to learn. <sigh> So much for my technology IQ.

Two weeks ago I sent up a distress signal to other writers. “Can anyone help me?” I begged.

One brave friend said she would try but she doesn’t really use MailChimp.

Another friend suggested YouTube.

I finally decided to search for a book like “MailChimp for Dummies.”

I found one! The Nuts and Bolts of MailChimp by Barb Drozdowich. It’s on my Kindle and it cost only $1.99. And it’s current. Published in 2017.


If MailChimp is in your future you can purchase Nuts and Bolts at Amazon.

It’s step-by-tiny-step. She explains every button, every step, every process, every term.


I’m about to conquer this thing. I have to read some things two or three times. But Barb is wonderful at explaining things clearly and anticipating difficulties I might face. She’s a technology instructor. And it’s like she is looking over my shoulder guiding me through this maze.womanparklaptopsmile

Thank you to all of my writing buddies. Thank you to all of my praying buddies, too.

Thank you, Jesus, for this book.

I may survive yet another adventure in technology jungle.

Author: Jean Matthew Hall

I'm in a new phase of my life. And I'm enjoying the journey and the challenges that go with it. I love being Mama, Meme, writer, friend, sister and encourager. I pray that in all of these roles I show Jesus to the people around me.

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