The Runaway Pumpkin


The Runaway Pumpkin   by Kevin Lewis      illustrated by S.D.Schindler

Published by Orchard Books in 2003

Re-published by Scholastic in 2008


runaway-pumpkinIf you want a good laugh, if your kids need a giggle, read The Runaway Pumpkin aloud to them. But you’d better practice in front of the bathroom mirror a couple of times first.

The rhyme is cute and silly.

The rhythm mimics a rolly-polly pumpkin bouncing down a bumpety hill.

The hyperboles are hilarious.

The illustrations bring the silliness to a climax.

In short, The Runaway Pumpkin is a fun fall read. My grandchildren memorized the repeated refrain last fall.

‘Round and ‘round

across the ground

makin’ a thumpin’

bumpin’ sound

came that





round and roll-y



If you have young kids or grandkids you’ll want to add this book to your collection. If you don’t have the kids you might want to donate a copy to a local school media center the next time they hold a Scholastic Book Fair.

Ahh! Welcome, autumn.

Author: Jean Matthew Hall

I'm old enough that I've enjoyed several phases in my life - daughter, wife, mom, grandma, student, teacher, administrator, writer, friend and encourager. I pray they all show Jesus to those around me.

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