Owl Moon

Owl Moon    A Caldecott Medal Book  By Jane Yolen    Illustrated by John Schoenherr

Published by Philomel Books in 1987

owl-moonI sort of assume that anyone who enjoys picture books enjoys Jane Yolen’s Owl Moon. I know it was one of the first picture books that I fell in love with.

To me the poetic text mimics the chilliness and the stillness of a late night in a lonely wood as the child and Pa trudge through the snow.

As the child follows Pa into the dark woods, then into the moon-bathed clearing, the text builds in anticipation. Finally, the owl appears and the child makes a deep personal connection with the owl and the moon and the dark woods.

She meets Nature face-to-face and is awed.

Holding to the hand of her protector, her guide, her teacher, her Pa, she connects with the mysterious natural world around her.

The beauty and music and cleverness of Yolen’s language amazes me in Owl Moon as in her other picture books. And the beauty of the themes of family and hope and amazement at the natural world all weave throughout that lovely language.

Reading Owl Moon aloud softly gives me the same peaceful feeling as the lullabies that my Grandma sang to my Mama, Mama sang to me, I sang to my children, and they sing to theirs.

Peace. Hope. Joy. Love. Wrapped up in Owl Moon.


Author: Jean Matthew Hall

I'm old enough that I've enjoyed several phases in my life - daughter, wife, mom, grandma, student, teacher, administrator, writer, friend and encourager. I pray they all show Jesus to those around me.

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