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If characters are the engine that drives the story, motivation is fuel. It is especially true when plotting a mystery, suspense/thriller. We concentrate on the motivation of the justice-seeker, whether s/he is in law enforcement or an ordinary everyday person [child, teen or adult]. As the reader we are concentrating on the investigator. As the writer we must keep the motivation of every one of our characters.

The perpetrator’s motives are just as important to understand as those of the main character. Whether it is a thief who does it for the money, out of boredom, etc., or a murderer who kills for hire or to avoid exposure or any number of reasons that are unfathomable to people considered “normal,” as writer we must realize that to them their motivations seem reasonable.

The side kick has an important role, even if it is so the main character doesn’t have to…

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Author: Jean Matthew Hall

I'm old enough that I've enjoyed several phases in my life - daughter, wife, mom, grandma, student, teacher, administrator, writer, friend and encourager. I pray they all show Jesus to those around me.

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