The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes

IMG_1560The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

By Jack M. Bickham

Published by Writer’s Digest Books, Cincinnati, 1992.


I’ll bet you’re saying, “1992!! That book is too old to do me any good.” I disagree.

I first read The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes in 2005. I was brand new to writing for publication. I’d been at it about a year and wasn’t having much success. You see, I made a FEW of the mistakes Bickham talks about in this book.

As promised, Bickham BRIEFLY covers the top mistakes new writers make. For me it was a goldmine. Though I didn’t understand a lot of the material in the book at that time, it gave me a foundation – a reference point – for the skills I would need to develop. For me that was great.

I really like to know not only where I’m headed, but how I am going to get there.

The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes gave me a glimpse of my destination as a writer and the steps I would need to take in order to get there.

Now that I’ve been writing for publication twelve – yes, that’s 12 – years I know a little more than I did in 2005. I still have LOTS to learn. So, I find The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes helps me brush up, gives me a quick review of the skills I’m working on. This sort of kick-starts my memories of the stuff I’ve been learning from other books, conferences, workshops, courses, critiques, and reading books in my genre.

This little book will have a place ON MY SHELF for years to come.

I give it five highlighters.  MARKER_1 MARKER_1 MARKER_1 MARKER_1 MARKER_1

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