On My Shelf

IMG_1349In my home office I have a book case. Or two. Or three. Every shelf is crammed full of books. Paperbacks. Hardbacks. Picture books. YAs. Novels. And loads of nonfiction titles.

It’s probably a familiar sight for you readers and writers.

On the top shelf of the tallest book case are my books about writing and creativity. It’s bulging. Books stand upright, lay on their sides, lean into each other. And they are two-deep.

Every time I attend a writers conference I purchase at least one book about and/or for writers. It may take me a year to get around to reading it, but I keep buying them.

Writers are readers, we all know.

I want to share some of those books with you. My plan for “On My Shelf” is to post every Tuesday and Friday. On Tuesdays I’ll summarize one of my books for writers, and share with you how I use it, or how it impacted me as a writer.

On Fridays I’ll share with you my love of picture books and board books. I have stacks of them all over my house. Again, I’ll share what I love about each particular book and, hopefully, how it helps me to become a better writer of picture books. IF YOU HAVE A PICTURE BOOK YOU WOULD LIKE FOR ME TO FEATURE, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT jean@jeanmatthewhall.com.

I hope the posts will enlighten and encourage you so that you’ll share them with your friends and associates.

See you soon!


Author: Jean Matthew Hall

I'm old enough that I've enjoyed several phases in my life - daughter, wife, mom, grandma, student, teacher, administrator, writer, friend and encourager. I pray they all show Jesus to those around me.

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