10 Things Parents Should Remember

10 Super Important Things Parents Should Remember

  1. It’s okay to get messy—that goes for kids, parents and homes.

  2. The best way to end a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment is with ice cream.

  3. How to listen with both of their ears and with their hearts.

  4. How, and how often to apply sunscreen.

  5. It is impossible for children to answer the question, “How many times have I told you …”

  6. Criticism is truly painful. And it leaves scars. Encouragement brings joy.

  7. Children need to have responsibilities within the family. They need to “contribute.”

  8. Children feel safe and comforted when they can see that their parents are in love.

  9. Children really do forget.

  10. Every child needs frequent one-on-one attention.

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